Our cupcakes are baked fresh every morning and topped in our unique light fluffy buttercream, which is smooth, creamy with just the right level of sweetness.

  • Double Vanilla

    Double Vanilla

    Double VanillaDouble Vanilla

    A combination of vanilla sponge and vanilla buttercream. Traditional and simple? our most basic cupcake is recommended for everyone.

  • Vanilla Strawberry

    Vanilla Strawberry

    Vanilla StrawberryVanilla Strawberry

    Vanilla sponge topped with cute pink cream, flavored with 100% real strawberries.

  • Carrot Vanilla

    Carrot Vanilla

    Carrot VanillaCarrot Vanilla

    A generous amount of carrots, nuts, fruits and peel are added to make this a truly perfect carrot cake, topped with out fluffy vanilla buttercream.

  • Choco Oreo

    Choco Oreo

    Choco OreoChoco Oreo

    Chocolate cupcake topped with cookies & cream buttercream. Our light buttercream blended with a generous serving of crushed cookies and topped with a mini Oreo cookie.

  • Vanilla Lemon

    Vanilla Lemon

    Vanilla LemonVanilla Lemon

    Vanilla sponge filled with a British lemon curd centre and topped with zesty lemon buttercream.

  • Choco Raspberry

    Choco Raspberry

    Choco RaspberryChoco Raspberry

    Moist chocolate sponge topped with sweet and sour raspberry buttercream, flavoured with 100% raspberries.

  • Vanilla Raspberry

    Vanilla Raspberry

    Vanilla RaspberryVanilla Raspberry

    Vanilla sponge topped with sweet and sour raspberry buttercream, flavoured with 100% raspberry fruit.

  • Choco Vanilla

    Choco Vanilla

    Choco VanillaChoco Vanilla

    Another of our basic flavours, this cake combines our chocolate sponge with vanilla buttercream.

  • Double Chocolate

    Double Chocolate

    Double ChocolateDouble Chocolate

    A must for chocolate lovers. Moist chocolate sponge topped in chocolate buttercream.

  • Red Velvet

    Red Velvet

    Red VelvetRed Velvet

    Chocolate cake made with red wine vinegar and buttermilk to create our version of this famous cupcake. This red sponge is the moistest of all our cupcakes and topped with our signature buttercream is the perfect mix of bitter and sweet.

  • Salted Caramel

    Salted Caramel

    Salted CaramelSalted Caramel

    Nutty sponge cake topped and filled with our homemade caramel buttercream. A favourite with our staff.

  • Choco Strawberry

    Choco Strawberry

    Choco StrawberryChoco Strawberry

    Chocolate cake topped with fresh strawberry puree flavoured buttercream and a strawberry “Aporo” chocolate.

Seasonal Cupcakes

Our cupcakes are constantly changing throughout the year to include seasonal ingredients. We also have a fantastic selection of designs for both Japanese and international events and celebrations.

  • 春のカップケーキ
  • 夏のカップケーキ
  • 秋のカップケーキ
  • 冬のカップケーキ




  • Pot of english tea with milk

    Pot of english tea with milkPot of english tea with milk

    What could be more English than a good cups of tea? We couldn’t agree more, and that is why our house recommendation is a pot of milk tea to go with your cakes. Of course we only the most popular British brands such as PG and Yorkshire. Milk and sugar are served separately so you can add according to your preference.

  • Cafetiere coffee

    Cafetiere coffeeCafetiere coffee

    London Cupcake’s recommended blend of coffee made in a cafetiere coffee press, so you can time pushing down your coffee according to your preferred strength.



  • Earl Grey

    Earl GreyEarl Grey

    Black tea scented with bergamot flavour

  • Lady Grey

    Lady GreyLady Grey

    Black tea scented with bergamot with the addition of orange and lemon.

  • Rose Garden

    Rose GardenRose Garden

    The elegant fragrance of rose mixed with black tea.

  • Chai


    Tea infused with Indian spices including cinnamon, cloves and ginger.

  • Vanilla


    Black tea with vanilla and Caramel

  • Lavender Earl Grey

    Lavender Earl GreyLavender Earl Grey

    Earl grey tea with a delicate touch of lavender

  • Four Red Fruits

    Four Red FruitsFour Red Fruits

    Black tea flavoured with mixed red berries including cherry, raspberry, strawberry, redcurrant.

  • Orange & Cinnamon

    Orange & CinnamonOrange & Cinnamon

    Black tea with orange and cinnamon flavours


*All flavoured black teas and Herb Teas ¥350

LATTELATTE teas with this mark can be made      into a latte for an added 70

Fruit & Herb tea (no-caffeine)

  • Blueberry Apple

    Blueberry AppleBlueberry Apple

    Rich and comforting combination of blueberry and apple.

  • Strawberry & Mango

    Strawberry & MangoStrawberry & Mango

    The tropical taste of mango mixed with sweet strawberry

  • Cranberry & Raspberry

    Cranberry & RaspberryCranberry & Raspberry

    Sweet and sour mix of cranberry and raspberry

  • Lemon Ginger

    Lemon GingerLemon Ginger

    Zesty lemon with the bite of ginger, great for the immune system!

  • Rooibos & Mixed Herbs

    Rooibos & Mixed HerbsRooibos & Mixed Herbs

    Rooibos is not only naturally fragment but also super healthy. This tea mixes delicious rooibos tea with various mixed herbs. Recommended for those who are after a non fruit based herb tea.

  • Peppermint & Fennel

    Peppermint & FennelPeppermint & Fennel

    Mint is great for the digestion so we recommend this for anyone eating lots of cakes in one sitting!

  • Cranberry & Sanguinello

    Cranberry & SanguinelloCranberry & Sanguinello

    A fruity tea with a bit of a natural tang

  • White Tea & Pomegranate

    White Tea & PomegranateWhite Tea & Pomegranate

    Light tasting white tea with the sweet fruity taste of pomegranate.Light tasting white tea with the sweet fruity taste of pomegranate.


*All flavoured black teas and Herb Teas ¥350


  • Iced coffee


  • Twinings earl grey

    Twinings earl grey (straight ice tea, no added sugar)


    Add a shot of cordial to flavour your ice tea for just 80 yen.

  • Iced milk tea


  • Orange juice


  • Apple juice


  • Kids (Orange, Apple, Milk)




  • Berry berry British

    Berry berry BritishBerry berry British

    A mix of fresh berries including raspberry mixed with ice for a great frozen smoothie! Sweet, sour, low calorie and super healthy.

  • Caribbean Crazy

    Caribbean CrazyCaribbean Crazy

    A generous portion of mango and pineapple, mixed with ice for a great frozen smoothie. Tropical, delicious and and healthy.


Champagne afternoon tea

  • Sparkling Wine

    Sparkling WineSparkling Wine

    (alcohol 10%〜)
    Having Champagne instead of tea is a fashionable and popular way to have afternoon tea in London. The sweetness of the cake is a perfect match for the dryness of the champagne and they compliment each other perfectly. A great way to celebrate a special occasion, or simply just feel special!

  • English cordial

    English cordialEnglish cordial

    Please choose from the following flavours:


English cordial

Made with natural ingredients in the UK, we mix “Belvoir” cordial with sparkling mineral water for a refreshingly fruity taste.
Choose from one of the following flavours: Raspberry

Elderflower our recommendation
Lemongrass Lime
Raspberry Rose
Apple Ginger