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Cupcakes are the perfect catering addition for your company party or event.
Having the perfect catering is so important at corporate parties and events.
We can organize bespoke cupcakes to fit in your event theme or add a corporate logo.
Our cakes are ideal for any events as they are kept at room temperature, so can be stored and displayed anywhere without having to worry about refrigeration.
Impress your guests with one of our cupcake towers or add as part of a buffet to add a real sense of style to your event.
As a finger food, cupcakes are best eaten with your hands, meaning for even busy events can help themselves and even plates and forks can be done without.
Perhaps you might even like our cupcakes for one of your meetings, or to surprise your internal staff at training, new year’s parties etc.
Take out boxes are also available:

Corporate Cake
Corporate Cake