Customise our cupcakes with letters, pictures, and decorations or add a cupcake stand or full cake to make a birthday cake perfect for you:



If you are looking for something special and unique on your birthday our cakes can be customized with your own design.
Simply choose your favourite cupcakes and add letters, numbers, and a birthday plate.
This service is available in our shops at any time for walk-in customers, however our popular flavours often sell out quickly so reservations are highly recommended.
We can also make special decorations, add your favourite character or edible photos.
(Please reserve a minimum of 3 days in advance).
For those ordering 7 or more cupcakes you can also add a tower to display your cupcakes.
Our small and medium card stands take 7-12 cakes or you can fit 16 cakes on the stand included in our party box.
Our 12 cm top-cakes are available as part of a set for those ordering a minimum of 6 cupcakes.
Our acrylic stands are available for free rental when you order over 25 cupcakes (or 20 cupcakes and a top-cake).
Whether you are having a small get together or a big birthday party our cupcakes will not only make your day special but will be popular with your guests.
They can choose their favourite flavours, and we can provide take out boxes if they want to take them home!
As cupcakes are finger foods and kept at room temperature they are suitable for any type of party, anywhere!

Celebration Joe

Celebration Cake1 7 cupcakes including stand and happy birthday decoration plate. (Decoration plate can be changed for congratulations, good luck, happy wedding etc) ¥2,950

Celebration Cake2 Whole cake set including top cake and customized decorations, any six cupcakes and stand.(Requires reservation at least the day before pick up. For very specific decorations / prints please give us at least 3 days notice)¥4,500 ※Please make your reservation At least 3 days in advance.

Any Celebration

Cupcakes cusustomised for any celebration!


Our cupcakes can be customised for any celebration.
Thank you, congratulations, anniversary, happy wedding and new baby decorations are usually available on the day for walk in customers.
However in busy periods it will take us a while to decorate your cakes and as popular flavours and decorations may sell out reservation is highly recommended.
Depending on the time of the year our seasonal cupcakes may also be just what you need to celebrate your special day.
Halloween, Mother’s Day, Tanabata, Easter, Valentine’s day are just a few of our seasonal varieties.
These are available in store for a limited time for all major Japanese and international holidays and events.
If there is something we don’t do, or your holiday or celebration is not covered let us know and we will create something for you Just bring us your idea (no matter how unusual)
and we can work out a way to turn it into a cupcake!

Celebration Cake