About us

Our Story

A little bit about London Cupcakes…:

We opened our first shop in Kanazawa to coincide with the London Olympics in July 2012,
and our second store in Nagoya in March 2014.
The idea was to create a cafe where people could enjoy our cupcakes
and a traditional cup of tea in a cute space that felt like home.

We pride ourselves on mixing traditional British home baking with our original light, fluffy, buttercream
with just the right balance of sweetness to suit even the most discerning of palates.

Our cupcakes are all baked fresh in the shop every day and
we constantly change our menu to incorporate seasonal flavours and events.

How to eat

How to eat and store our cupcakes

Please make sure you keep your cupcakes at room temperature (15-25 degrees).
Putting them in the refrigerator will make the buttercream hard and dry out the sponge.

Storage in summer:
On hot summer days when the temperature is over 25 degrees keep the cakes in an air conditioned or cool room, out of direct sunlight:
Storage in winter:
When it is really cold, store the cakes in a warm or heated (storing them in a cold room will make the cream go hard).

Our cakes do not contain any preservatives so we ask you to eat them within 24 hours.

Cupcakes are a finger food, and we suggest you eat them with your hands.
As well as for convenience this ensures the perfect combination of cream and cake with each bite.

Please give it a try…..
but be careful not to get cream
on your nose!

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Box & Stand

Take out box sizes: 1,2,4,6,9,12




Stand Type

We have a variety of card and acrylic cupcakes stands holding from just 7 to over 100 cakes.
For smaller orders there are 3 sizes of card stands, and for larger orders our acrylic tower stands can be adjusted to your required size.